Knowing Your Present Will Tell You Your Future

Have you ever felt lost in your life, wondering what you want to do with it. Well, I may not be a perfectionist at it, but, I have taken strides to finding out what I don’t want and want, and that has helped me figure out tomorrow.

STEP 1: Identify Your World of Today

Yes, I said it. Your world of today matters on who you will become tomorrow from this point moving forward. Tell yourself you want to change, that you want to make a difference, come up with a game plan and put it into action. Identify your world today means to identify your likes and dislikes. What can you change right now sitting at your computer reading this, and how will it change your life tomorrow? Then, identify your problem areas, the more difficult ones that may take time.

STEP 2: Get Rid of all the non-sense

By saying this, I’m speaking about the background noise, issues that may cause you trouble, the issues that may keep you from obtaining your goals. If you have shitty friends, get rid of them, don’t answer their calls, don’t reply to their texts. Move on, and if they ask what you’re doing and why you haven’t responded. Reply to them that you have been busy. That’s all they need to know. Another thing, get rid of that shitty job and get one that you can tolerate until you get to where you need to be. Don’t hinder yourself anymore. Because TIME, we can NEVER get back. Time is of the essence. So why waste your time on people or things that aren’t going to be positives in your life, in your movement.


Just so you aren’t going out into the world blind, do your research. If you plan on going to school, research what you might want to study. Remember, while you’re researching your potential major, you can at least knock out some of those General Ed courses. No need to rush into a major. If you plan on moving, research the area, the job prospects, or potential to open your own business. On top of that, research what kind of area, crime rates, etc. All of that is important just in case you plan on starting a family. Research every possible avenue. But try to keep it within 48 hours. If you want to go to school, sign up now and plan for next semester, knock out your general ed courses first if you still can’t figure it out, you’ll still have a few months before they really start asking what you want to graduate with.


STOP! STOP! STOP! Let’s get it together, stop making excuses as to why you can’t. Yes, you can. There are so many options in the world to help you on your journey. Face yourself in the mirror and just admit the fucking truth, you’re lazy. I face the truth, I’m too lazy and tired to fucking exercise. That’s why I’m probably going to take a P.E course next semester to get my ass back on track. Sometimes we need a good ass kicking. Maybe you need a good ass kicking. If that’s the case, sign up for school with the intent to succeed, because teachers and all there homework will certainly motivate you. Or choose a job that will not coddle you, but challenge you.


Now, assuming that you have your wants and needs outlines, and you have a solid plan, execute it. Do not divert from the plan, do not veer left, do not veer right. You may stumble a few times, but stay the course. Execute the plan to the fullest extent. You will meet others on your journey who will motivate you. Your friends of the past, are probably friends of that past for a reason. Don’t hesitate to make new friends, acquaintances, peers, etc. Shake those hands and make new connections, develop new relationships. Stop wasting your time. Life is too damn short for us to be sitting on our asses not getting anything done.


Motivating a Child Feeling Neglected

If someone were to tell me that being a mother is easy, I would slap them right in the face, because that is an outright lie. That only tells me that a) they are lying to make themselves feel superior, or b) not acting in a parental way. What I mean by B, is that they probably have someone else watching over their children more than they are themselves. That is just one example.

So, the school my daughter attends now use an app called CLASS DOJO! This app is amazing. I am able to see my childs performance one a day to day basis if the teachers keep it updated. They can also send pictures through the app of our children learning. I think this is a new, creative, and innovative way of getting parents involved.

Another highlight of this app, I can contact the teacher via texting through the app itself, in a private conversation. Which brings me to my next point. I messaged my daughters teacher to find out how she is doing in class. With all my high hopes of me being a perfect parent, and applauding myself for checking in, it was only determined that I wasn’t as great as I thought I was.

She replied back that my daughter was, down on her self for not learning the material, sad because she was grounded from television, and just doesn’t feel up to the challenge. Now, before I have any renegade moms who want to yell at me and throw ice cream in my face, let me elaborate. My daughter isn’t grounded from television, she simply isn’t allowed to watch it during school season. When winter break and summer come, she can watch all she wants. Technology during fall and spring are simply used for educational purposes. Two, she is my daughter which means she will struggle in math just as much as I do. I should know, she is learning the same things as me, while she is in fifth grade learning pre-algebra, guess what, so am I.

So, whilst at work, I had to think a lot. A lot of my attention had been going to my son, who recently, like five days ago, fractured his elbow falling off the monkey bars. I’ve been paying him more attention than my daughter. Sad, I know. My daughter is older by the way.

So then I had to think back on how much time I actually spend with her. I goof around with her in short spurts, but do I spend actual quality time with her. The sad answer is no. I don’t.

My solution will be, aside from work, school, I am going to have to carve more time out of the week for her. Because regardless if you realize it or not, kids can feel neglected, and I honestly feel that she is feeling neglected due to the abundance of time I spend with my son. there isn’t any excuse. My growth is imperative to my success as a human being.

If you have any advice on how I should spend time with my daughter, please let me know. One thing I was going to do was take her on a hike, or movies, or concert.

Time Management: SCHOOL, WORK, LIFE

So, I’m finally settling into college/mom/work/life, life! The interesting part is, that I’m actually on task. Today was the first day of turning in my assignment, and if you’re a grown up, you’ll be the first to turn in your assignments, and then you can watch as other students follow suit.

My husband called me a class pet, but I don’t care. I need to do what I need to do in order to pass this class. It’s only Pre-Algebra, but it’s still difficult considering that I’m not a math person, it’s difficult for me to comprehend unless someone breaks it down.

So, Time management. Apparently, my manager ended up cutting some of my hours, she cut hers too, all because we are going to school. Sad Face, all good though.

So, if you have trouble keeping track, I’ve found it super easy to add/adjust/remove schedules using GOOGLE CALENDAR!

Example of my month in GOOGLE CALENDAR


I’ve found this platform easier to use than any of the other APPS that I have downloaded in the past. I can add and delete different schedules, share schedules with other people if I need to. I can even color code it so that I know which is which. As you can see, EDUCATION related items are in YELLOW. WORK is in BLACK, Bills, chores and etc are in RED!

My husband can see my school schedule and my work schedule so he knows what to expect from my week. He knows what days he will need to pick up the kids, and he also knows which days I will not be home in time to cook dinner, on top of everything else, you can add chores, what needs to be accomplished, etc.

I will be adding more YELLOW soon enough since I’ve received my course syllabus and can put in all my assignments and when they are due. I will not be sharing that information with my husband.

In order to share a schedule and allow others to update it, you need to edit each individual calendar on the left hand side and choose to share it, but the receiving person must have a google account, so that you can insert their email.


I hoped this helped you to see that time management is beneficial for both you and your partner, or just yourself so that you can keep track of your hectic life. Once you get use to it, it becomes easier, and more natural to do this. The first step is creating a habit.

Any time there is a change or addition in my schedule, I make sure to update the calendar. I check my calendar every day to make sure that I am on task.

What’s cool about this app, you can access it on your computer as well. There are also widgets so you can see just your current tasks for the day. As seen below!


We no longer live in a world where we have chill time, if you’re goal is to get your life together, and start making that real income, then you have to be organized and driven to succeed. Take advantage of your schools programs to help you. If you need any other advice, have any questions, please email me, or send me a message. I will respond!


As I enter into the first week of college, let me tell you what my schedule is looking like.

MWF – 8:50-10:05 AM -Math 34 (pre algebra) I sucked at Math in high school, so don’t judge me.

TTH 8:15-10:20 AM – CISA 315 – Intro to Spread Sheets

F 2:00-5:05 PM – English 300 – Scored high enough I only need to take this for one semester.

ONLINE Business 100

Mind you, that the city colleges that I go to, are all linked here in Sacramento, CA. So Math will be taken at the Sacramento City College campus, near downtown. English will be taken at American River College, which is 20 minutes north from Sacramento City College. Intro to Spread Sheets is held at Cosumnes River College, about a 15 minute drive from Sacramento City college, south. Well, Business Class is online, so no need to go onto campus.

Also take into mind that I drop my kids off at school anywhere between 7:30 AM to 8:00 AM. We were fortunate enough to get them into an after school program, so no need to pick them up until 6:00 PM.

After school, I start work at 12:00 PM and work until 7 PM. My husband gets the kids and such and makes sure that they are fed and did all their homework.

Yes, I am fortunate to have people in my life that can help me. So, after much research, for the struggling mom/dad without a support system, believe me, there is always a support system.

At several City Colleges, there are pre-schools that can be funded by Financial Aid, or income determined. The thing is, you have to actually take the time to fill these out.

Other programs here in California are HEAD START. I had my daughter in that program for nearly two years while my husband and I were going to school back in 2010. You just need to make sure that your children are potty trained. It is also income determinant. So if you are on welfare, you should get an automatic in.

There are tons of websites out there to help you get started, the only thing they need, is your time and information. CLICK HERE for more programs. But you may want to check your local state for more information.

I hope that this was able to help you clarify that I am not just a mom out here, struggling, but everyone needs help, and there are programs to help you. Also, I know that leaving your children in someone else’s care isn’t ideal, but I can honestly say that a lot of the programs that are state ran, are beneficial and are heavily regulated.

So I hope this helped you understand that there is always a way, even if you have to take online classes, there is a way. As soon as your kids sleep or go to school, you can study, study at lunch, study between meals, study while breast feeding, study when you’re at your families house. Because there is a light at the end of the tunnel, get there, and you won’t have to worry about it. Drive yourself to push forward despite the hurricane rising against you. Never falter, one step at a time, on foot planted.



So, here I am, sitting at my computer, wondering how I’m going to start this off. Well, just a heads up, I am a mom, wife, student. I’ve been with my husband for eleven years. I have two children, Jayla, 10, Jameer 6. I received my Cosmetology license in 2009, and attempted to head into the world as if I can conquer it.

Those of you seeking to do hair as a profession, please realize this, you must grind hard to succeed. Barbering would be a better choice if you plan on just doing hair. All the hours I spent in Cosmetology school, 1600 hours, has just gone to waste. Hair wasn’t really a passion, it was a “just for now” gig.

Let’s not forget that getting an Assistant position at a salon is difficult. You must look the part. For instance, for females, makeup and trendy clothing is a must. So if you’re a tom boy, don’t even attempt. You might as well just get your barbering where your fade skills do all the talking.

I’ve been doing it ever since, mostly working with mens hair. It hasn’t gotten me anywhere, no trips around the world, no vacation, nothing. So here I am, stagnant. I have big dreams, I am 30 years old, and on the verge of mental collapse if I don’t change something.

So, to the world wide internet I headed and did a lot of research. To get the big paying jobs with benefits, you NEED at least an Associates Degree. Don’t expect to get out of high school and landing a big gig. Unless you plan on being an entrepreneur, I suggest you take the college route.

If you have parents that tell you over and over again that you need to go to college, they weren’t lying. The most important quote I will ever say is this, “don’t follow the advice of people who don’t already have what you dream of having.” So if you dream of having nice cars, don’t try and listen to someone who doesn’t have nice cars. They can tell you all day long that you need to do something, but they can’t help you on the journey to get there.

Now a days we live in a society where the need for unskilled workers has dropped, and having a degree is a must, because there is a significant boom in the market for “SKILLED WORKERS.” What does this mean exactly? This means you’ve put in work, you went to school, you got the basics for the job in which you are applying! Understand!? I hope you do. That’s why during college, you must work, because this will all add to your resume in the end. Get promoted at your job, no matter the job. It can be at a fast food restaurant. This means that you are a capable person able to handle fast paced environments, manage people, etc.

I’m telling you this because, I may not have a college degree, yet, but I do have the experience that tells who ever I interview with in my profession, that I have the skills necessary to do the job at hand.

I’m proud of all the hard work I put into this, but this is not something I want to do forever, so here I am about to share my journey with you. If I can do this, so can you. There isn’t any excuse as to why you can’t do it. The biggest excuse is, “I’m just not a school person.” Heads up, NO ONE IS! We do this to better ourselves, to take us to where we want to go. If you want to sit on your bum all day at your moms house, you’re likely to piss her off. Think about your future, think about your kids, your family, the turmoil you put them through if you don’t do anything. Stop being lazy.